Eoghan and Gay

Why should you vote for Gay Mitchell?

Posted October 11th, 2011

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“My political conviction is informed by an ethos based on the four pillars of rights, responsibilities, enterprise and social justice. They are the values that have guided me for the last 32 years and will continue to guide me if elected President. They are the values that will help Ireland overcome some of our present economic and ethical difficulties and make us a country which others will again want to emulate, as they once did.

I want to return to a society based on principles; to a less harsh and a more merciful and forgiving society. There is something broken in our society and I believe that the ethos I am proposing has the potential to help us become, not just more ethical and happier, but really inclusive.

As President, I would put the welfare of our people at the heart of the Presidency, which can be a very powerful institution and can symbolise all that is good about our way of life. I would like to continue much of the practice of President McAleese by quietly working, often below the radar, to make our country a better place. I hope that by example, I can help others to start on a new journey in search of values that will take us through the iconic year of 2016 and beyond.”