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Sustainable Transport Management Grants

Posted April 27th, 2012

Dublin City Council

Project Name Project Description 2012 Allocation €
Grand Canal Premium Cycle Route – Blackhorse to Portobello This section of the overall Grand Canal Premium route would link to the new infrastructure from the west at Blackhorse and from East at Portobello, providing a continuous route along the Grand Canal in the DCC administrative area, and connecting to the SDCC area. Preliminary Report identifying route options, design studies and cost and risk assessments to be completed in 2012 100,000
Heuston to Chapelizod Greenway High Quality leisure and commuter cycling route through Irish Rail/Residential/OPW and DCC lands. Could form part of National Cycle Route. Preliminary report identifying route options to be produced in 2012. Further consultations with stakeholders will also be undertaken in 2012 80,000
MID/Pedestrian improvements at junctions Junctions to be selected from DCC prioritised list. Each junction to be a standalone scheme within STMG process. Approximately 8 junctions to be treated in 2012. Treatments can include extra controlled crossings of junction arms, removal of slip lanes, installation dished kerbing and tactile paving for mobility impaired and disabled people and upgrade of push button units 400,000
Directional Signage Improvements Signs will be improve way finding for motorists, help to reduce the amount of confusion, late lane changing and u-turns on the routes involved.  Directions to urban villages will be included. Work to focus in Chapelizard, Bluebell, Walkinstown, Terenure and Rathgar areas 100,000
N32 Improvements Carrying of of a road safety audit on the road markings along the N32 and a redesign of the road lane layouts in consultation with the NRA. Implementation of the revised road layout through new road markings 60,000
Renewal of road markings on bus lane routes Renewal of end of life road markings to protect investment in bus infrastructure 150,000
Carriageway reconstruction & overlay project for buses and cyclists Resurfacing of a number of routes that have been identified as key bus and cycle routes, where the current road surface has been identified as being in need of replacement and which are currently incompatible with a high quality bus service or cycle route 2,000,000

Rathfarnham QBC

Completion of design work and preparation of tender documents for the construction of this QBC, which will extend from Camden Street to Grange Road in Rathfarnham

Thomas Street/James’ Street QBC Complete final detailed design and finalise tender documents for the upgrading of the QBC, inclusive of footpath improvements through Thomas Street and James’ Street. Construction to commence in the second half of 2012 1,000,000
Ranelagh Village improvements for sustainable modes The current environment between ‘The Triangle’ and Chelmsford Road will be reviewed with the aim of providing improvements for pedestrians and cyclists. Scoping, planning and design work in 2012 40,000
Fairview to Amiens street Cycle Scheme Design of high quality cycle route to connect from Sandycove to Sutton cycle route (north Fairview Park) to Amiens Street. (Section across Newcomen Bridge to be developed as separate project) 60,000
Donnybrook Church Junction – Improvements for all modes The current environment at the intersection of Ailesbury Rd and Anglesea Rd will be reviewed with the aim of providing improvements for all modes. Scoping, planning and design work in 2012 40,000
Dodder cyclist and pedestrian improvement Improvements for cyclists and pedestrians along the Dodder route, including providing easier access to/from the route. Scoping, planning and design work in 2012 40,000