EM Referendum Poster Pic 30.04.12

31 Nights Until the Referendum. Yes

Posted April 30th, 2012

Today our Yes campaign officially gets off the ground.

We’ve been preparing for weeks and now is the time to put our plans in to action.

We have a great campaign planned at the constituency level thanks to the officer board and our new organiser.

As far as the PP is concerned, we’ve been assigned to internal and regional committees with all members reporting back to Simon Coveney and the Taoiseach through the various channels.

So not only do I have my responsibilities in Dublin South East, I’m also involved with different committees targeting different sectors of the population in Dublin and beyond. Balancing all of this with the daily duties will be tough.

The office in Ranelagh has replaced its usual yellow with green as the constituency’s posters are taking temporary residence here. Place is a bit of a kip, which is a good sign – means something is being done!

This evening we go knocking on doors for the first time in this campaign. Hoping for a good turnout of supporters. Though rain may interfere. Afterwards I’m meant to be in UCD for the launch of YFG’s campaign but might be tough to make as I had promised to attend a tech event in the city centre.

First casualty of the campaign: I was planning to cycle from Mizen to Malin head as part of the Head2Head cycle in the last week of May. Not anymore. Sorry guys and good luck with the fund raising.

I will be posting a daily (hopefully) campaign blog between now and the referendum, tracking our progress, different events and my own thoughts. (Could be a good way of putting yourself to sleep every night!)