Minister Bruton on 5-day FDI mission to USA

Posted May 1st, 2012

5-city IDA mission to East, South and Mid-West to target investments from world-leading and start-up companies in technology and life-sciences

The Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, will departed on Sunday to lead a five-day, five-city investment mission to the East, South and Mid-West of the USA, to meet companies considering investing and creating jobs in Ireland.

The IDA mission to Boston, Raleigh, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Chicago will focus particularly on companies in the technology and health/life sciences sectors, and the Minister will meet 19 companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar world-leading companies.

During the five full days of the trip, the Minister, who will be accompanied by Barry O’Leary, CEO of IDA Ireland, as well as other officials, will meet 19 companies, including:

9 technology companies, including 4 in software
4 health/life-sciences companies
Companies also in the food, business services, aviation and financial services sectors
Companies with combined annual revenues of over $300billion and combined workforces of over 800,000 worldwide
Companies with operations already in Ireland as well as companies who may be considering investing here for the first time
Members of the US media

Before departing, Minister Bruton said:

“Foreign direct investment forms a key part of this Government’s strategy for growth and jobs. Multinational companies are responsible for 250,000 jobs and over €19billion of direct spend in our economy, and a string of announcements over recent weeks from world-leading companies including Apple and Mylan shows that these companies increasingly see Ireland as a location where they can invest and create jobs. Through the Action Plan for Jobs we are determined to build on this, and develop deeper relationships with more multinational companies to create more jobs”.

“During this busy week I will be meeting 19 companies from a wide range of sectors who are considering creating new jobs in Ireland. When I meet senior executives from multinationals like these, they are increasingly impressed by what Ireland has to offer as a gateway to a stable European market. They are generally interested to hear about Ireland’s skilled workforce, our pro-business environment, our tax offering, our base of multinationals already here, and also about any developments that might affect our relationship with Europe. I look forward to hearing their concerns and telling them that Ireland is open for business, open for investment, and my hope is that this will lead to more jobs announcements in the near future”.


This is the eighth major trade/investment mission the Minister has travelled on since taking office, following:
Three IDA investment missions, two to the USA east coast, one to the west coast
Two Enterprise Ireland trade missions, one to Saudi Arabia and India, one to the south-eastern USA, accompanied by a total of 80 Irish companies looking to break into new export markets
A 7-day joint IDA/EI mission to China led by the Taoiseach
A Saint Patrick’s Day trip to the west coast of the USA, which included several meetings with IDA and EI target and client companies

Extracts from the Minister’s schedule as follows:

Sunday, April 29th 2012
16:15 Arrive Boston

Monday, April 30th 2012
07:00 Meeting with Health/Life Sciences company
09.30 Meeting with technology/chip development company
11.00 Meeting with technology/voice recognition technology company
12.30 Meeting with technology/software company
15.00 Meeting with technology/software company
18.40 Flight Departs for Raleigh, NC arriving at 20:55

Tuesday 1st May 2012
08:00 Meeting with technology/communications company
09:15 Meeting with technology/software company
11:30 Lunch meeting with technology/software company
14:45 Fly to Atlanta (arrive 16:15)
19:00 Dinner with target company

Wednesday 2nd May 2012
09:00 Meeting with technology company
12:05 Fly to Minneapolis (arrive 13.45)
15:30 Meeting with food company
16:45 Meeting with health/life sciences company

Thursday 3rd May 2012
09.00 Meeting with business services company
10.30 Meeting with health/life sciences company
13:10 Fly to Chicago (arrive 14:30)
16:00 Meeting with health/life sciences company
19:30 Dinner with existing and potential IDA clients

Friday 4th May 2012
08:00 Meeting with member of US media
09:00 Meeting with technology/e-commerce company
10:30 Meeting with target company
12:00 Lunch with financial services company
13:45 Meeting with financial services company
15:00 Depart for Airport
18.45 Return to Dublin