Stormy Weather

Canvassing in the Rain

Posted May 2nd, 2012

A wet canvass last night. Soaking wet. We weren’t very productive if I’m being honest. Good to get out there and not miss a chance to talk to some voters. But still, big contrast from the night before – our first canvass of the campaign – when a gang of us went out and got a great bit of work done and great feedback. Swings and roundabouts.

Yesterday morning we gathered in Government buildings to meet with leaders from the ICT who are running their own campaign. The Taoiseach was in great form and it went well.

I then had to go and scope a potential ‘event’ for closer to referendum day. Was pretty excited by the whole thing and I hope it comes off.

Back in to the Shelbourne Hotel to meet briefly with the new constituency PRO about his plans. Then official launch of FG Yes campaign. A bit of buzz in the room. I always enjoy it when we get together as a parliamentary party away from the Dail, even if it is only around the corner. All spoke well and a good start.

Back to the office to work on campaign plans for our internal group and to coordinate with some of my colleagues. Constituency work. Some meetings with some Ministers. Preparing memo and notes to various senior people about different campaign possibilities further down the line.

Then off to Ranelagh to canvass. Home, soaked, but in time to get some food and turn on TV for #vinb debate, with one eye on some work for the new website.