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Meetings and Greetings

Posted May 3rd, 2012

Yesterday begun with morning meetings.

Sectoral meeting, then regional. I updated the committees on what we had been doing in the constituency ourselves, but also what was happening in Dublin and in the sector I am responsible for. We all gave feedback and impressions from the first canvasses. All very positive.

The day was busy with Dail work – Wednesdays are always crazy. In the evening the PP met to discuss the campaign so far, talk through the politics and have a bit of a Q and A in relation to stuff coming up on the doors.

Coming back from a public meeting on bringing an Educate Together school to Ringsend and Sandymount, a lady on her bike stopped me to ask about the Treaty. We walked down towards Sandymount Green and discussed the ins and outs. I think it was pretty useful for both of us. My one person canvass/greeting for the evening – but a quality one I felt.

Off canvassing again this evening and weather is looking good.