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All systems are go

Posted May 9th, 2012

Managing the workload has proven to be a bit of a challenge. There’s a lot going on at the moment, with the campaign and with everything else, and certain things are just piling up on my desk. A problem for another day I guess as we really need to keep the focus on the referendum.

The campaign in the constituency is going well. Last Thursday we held our AGM and it was a great opportunity to discuss the Treaty with members and coordinate our plan of attack on the constituency. All are eager to get going which is a good sign.

Canvassing is going well too. We’re getting good numbers and new canvassers out which is great. Most people on the doors don’t want to engage but for some reason last night everyone I spoke to in Ranelagh had something to say on the Treaty. It’s great for me, to be able to have a proper conversation about it. Problem is it holds up the rest of the team as they wait for me to conclude and catch up with them.

We took delivery of the constituency campaign leaflet yesterday, so that’s good to have. And plans are progressing well for the information evening. Many people still have to receive the text of the actual Treaty in their doors and so we’re trying to find out when exactly the company expects to have these delivered. No answers yet but this is important.

This morning Business for Ireland held their breakfast in support of the Treaty. I was there with some local businesses and the guest speakers (Minister Richard Bruton and An Taoiseach) spoke excellently. All very positive.

So it’s all go, go, go.