EM Team Referendum

Sunny Saturday for Stability

Posted May 15th, 2012

I’m sitting in Cafe Java in Donnybrook tying up some stuff for this week; well, trying to – from the information evening to some of the key events that the Taoiseach will attend, to our own canvassing activities here in the constituency.

Last week was incredibly busy. Still I managed to get a video recorded for the Facebook page, answering a question about the Treaty and the tech sector (you can watch it here). Young Fine Gael also asked me to provide a short piece on why the Treaty is important and I pretty much repeated the same message as in the video (which you can read it here).

Unfortunately the Thursday evening canvass wasn’t as positive as I had expected, but we bounced back with a great Saturday. There was a good crew out, in the sun, and everyone was very positive during the few hours we spent around the village. It’s good when you’re out like that, people are around and they can see that there is support on the ground for the treaty. The atmosphere is generally more relaxed and people take the time to have a chat and ask you questions.

It was a busy weekend with six separate local events in all – events that had nothing to do with the Treaty or politics. So you’re not actually canvassing. Yet you’d be surprised how many are quick to offer up their own thoughts and opinions. So it’s a bit of a soft canvass in a way and a great opportunity to get an un-biased view of how things are going.

The poll results were good. But I’m worried that it will motivate the No side and give them an occasion to rally. There’s still more than 2 weeks to go and all to play for. This week is a big one in terms of keeping the message on Yes and sustaining the momentum that is there in favour of the Treaty. This means hitting more and more doors at the local level while getting the key messages out nationally. Not an easy task with all that is going on in our Member countries. But the key objectives of the Treaty remain sound and it’s still important that we get our citizens signed up to the package so that we can be ready to play a full part in the next stage of the process.