To be the Tech Capital of Europe we need to vote Yes

Posted May 15th, 2012

It’s an incredibly competitive business environment at the moment, particularly when we look to new industries and new technologies. We’re doing quite well in this space actually, but with all the uncertainty internationally and in Europe, staying at the top of our game is going to be tough – we’re going to have to become a lot more competitive. I think people understand that this Treaty is about our country and about our future.

Right now we’re positioning ourselves as the Tech Capital of Europe, to act as a gateway for the major tech companies in to the European and North African markets, but also as a launch pad for new players here in Ireland in to the European market and beyond. We have new tech companies setting up in Ireland every day, homegrown ones as well as start-ups from abroad.

This sector is incredibly competitive, because it’s incredibly mobile – these companies can locate anywhere in the world. When they’re making that decision as to where they base themselves, where they live and where they do their work, they want to have certainty in their choice. They want a stable and a healthy environment.

That’s why the stability treaty helps. It brings in responsible budgeting for the government as well as back up funding should we not be able to return to the markets after next year. So that we can have the money to spend on the types of infrastructure the tech sector needs. So that we can invest in education and retraining and take advantage of all the new jobs being created in IT (and there are literally thousands being created, so many in fact that we cannot fill the vacant positions). And, so that we can fund and run an economy and a country that works well and is constantly improving and evolving. That’s how we compete with all the other small, smart and hungry countries looking to be kings of this new industry.

We’ve been saying this Treaty is about stability; it’s the Stability Treaty. And while that mightn’t sound too exciting to you or me, stability brings investment, and it leads to recovery. This means being able to compete, and being able to win.

To be the Tech Capital of Europe we need to vote Yes to Stability.