Canvassing Pic 17.05.12

Canvassing the radio waves

Posted May 18th, 2012

It’s been a good week so far. We’ve had great numbers out canvassing and a good bit of fun. There are people out there voting no but in the main people are positive and supportive. Some still have to make their mind up but all are engaged with the issues. So we’ll keep on knocking on doors until we’ve gotten to everyone.

Wednesday was a pretty big day. The Taoiseach came to speak to a group of start-up tech companies who were pitching to potential investors from Ireland and abroad. Some very impressive talent and the T took time with each of them. He also met with Silicon Valley Bank and some other key investors. Some were more than happy to speak to camera and state their support for the Referendum. This kind of event is exactly why the Treaty is so important.

I’ve had a couple of radio outings this week to debate Greece, the euro and the Treaty. The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Wednesday over the phone and the Late Debate with Fergal Keane last night in studio. It’s better when debating to be in the studio I think, you get a better interaction with the other panelists. The situation in Greece is really critical and I think it does underline the importance of our own progress and continuing on a stable path.

Speaking in Trinity this evening which should be fun (!). Then it’s out and about on the campaign trail in Ranelagh village tomorrow morning. Just under two weeks to go.