An T and Eamonn Coghlan Aviva

Three days to go

Posted May 28th, 2012

It’s made a big difference having the weather. On the positive side, it’s been more enjoyable being outside and we’re able to canvass later in the evening. On the negative, not as many people have been home. But we’re getting around and making good progress. There are undecided voters out there and now is the best time to meet them as you have a real opportunity in bringing them over to the Yes side.

Last week was an important one insofar as the big picture is concerned. We had to keep the momentum up as there was a risk that if we didn’t the polls could move against us. But there’s been no seismic shift and indications are positive. Turnout will play a key factor ultimately.

On Thursday we were at the Lansdowne Road stadium launching the Sportstars for Yes campaign organised by Senator Coghlan. It was a lot of fun and great to be down on the hallowed turf, and in such great weather. The Taoiseach was on form and the whole thing went very well. It’s an important aspect of the campaign as these guys aren’t political yet they still clearly see the importance of the Treaty.

Friday morning had me out of the constituency and canvassing commuters getting on the LUAS at Dundrum. Good fun, always enjoyable when out with the YFG crew. Saturday was more out and about with a team. A few of us scored some conversions, which makes a difference for the morale. Sunday we had our last big rally ahead of voting, in the Mansion House. Another sitting on a platform role for me (but I really think I sat well). Everyone spoke excellently so no complaints. Then out to scout out a location for the Taoiseach for today (missing the match – the sacrifices we make!). A big event, for all involved, and hoping it will go well.