Traffic update for Ranelagh

Posted November 8th, 2012

Ranelagh Village Sustainable Transport Study

Dublin City Council Roads and Traffic Department has received funding from the National Transport Authority (NTA) to assess the existing road layout and the traffic usage in Ranelagh Village.

The area of study extends from the Luas station on the northern side of the village to the junction of Ranelagh Road with Sallymount Avenue. Ranelagh Road is an important route from both a local and strategic viewpoint. It is a gateway to the south of the county from the city and it is extremely busy as a village with many locals walking to work,the Luas, or school.

For some time, various stakeholders have had concerns regarding the provision of adequate facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users along this route.

The project aims to identify design options to cater for the above while at the same time being mindful of the need to ensure vehicular traffic is not unduly restricted and that the needs of local businesses are catered for.

Clfton Scannell Emerson Associates have recently been appointed to prepare three options for the management of traffic in Ranleagh village; these options may include kerbline realignments and/or the reassignment of carriageway space. One of the options to be repared will include a high quality cycle track through the village.

All modes of transport and users are to be considered, including vulnerable users, mobility impaired and disable users, pedestrians, public transport operators and motorists.