Ranelagh Gardens Update

Posted November 29th, 2013

A major clean-up of Ranelagh Gardens is taking place over the next few months. This will involve cutting back shrubbery around the environs of the park and clearing away the undergrowth and vegetation that is currently a safety concern in relation to young children playing in the area. These cleared areas will then be returned to grass.


A suitable play area/play ground for young children is also being considered. Three locations have been identified as possibilities for this; two in Ranelagh Gardens and one in Mount Pleasant Square. It was pointed out that there will only be one playground provided in one of these three locations, subject to finance being available.


The Senior Parks Superintendent has agreed to investigate various options in relation to the pond in Ranelagh Gardens. The ecological potential of the pond will be considered, as well as safety concerns that have arisen in relation to young children and accessibility to the pond. 


There is currently no public lighting in the park itself – lighting will now be considered in conjunction with the possibility of leaving the park gates open 24 hours a day. The latter would be done on a trial basis initially and the public informed in advance.

Park Security

Garda Superintendent Lorraine Wheatley addressed the safety concerns of residents. She stressed that the Gardai are here to listen and asked people to report issues of concern to them so that they can effectively deal with them. Such reporting also helps build information that feeds into crime statistics.

These minutes of the meeting were provided by DCC.