32.5 million for transport improvement projects in Dublin

Posted January 15th, 2014

Funding of €32.5 million has been allocated to 200 sustainable transport projects in the Dublin region. These projects are at various stages of design, planning and construction and will see improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and those using public transport.

  • Ranelagh Village Improvements:  Pedestrian Crossing at Chelmsford Road, the need for which was identified in a recent transport study of Ranelagh Village (€30,000)
  • Expansion of DublinBikes: Completion of construction of the east-west expansion of the scheme (€600,000)
  • Pedestrian Improvements (Charlemont Bridge at Canal Road): Construction of two north-south signalised crossings for pedestrians at the Ranelagh Canal Bridge (€50,000)
  • Safety Improvements to Grand Canal Cycle Scheme: Design and construction of necessary safety improvements to the existing two way Grand Canal Cycle Scheme from Grand Canal St. to Portobello (€40,000)
  • Grand Canal Cycle Route (Blackhorse to Portobello): This section of the overall Grand Canal Cycle Route will link to the new infrastructure from the west at Blackhorse and from the East at Portobello, providing a continuous route along the Grand Canal in the DCC administrative area, and on through the SDCC area. Preliminary design, Part VIII planning, detailed design and preparation of Tender Documents in 2014 (€100,000)
  • City Centre High Density Cycle Parking & Strategy: Feasibility Study to assess the possible introduction of high density cycle parking at locations across City Centre (€40,000)
  • Wayfinding Project 2013: Expansion of the Dublin Docklands Wayfinding scheme along the city’s historic radial routes and market streets and limited infilling of the existing scheme. Closeout of scheme finances (€50,000)
  • Renewal of Road Markings on Bus and Cycle Lanes: Renewal of end of life road markings to protect investment in bus and cycle infrastructure. Including bus cages as identified by Dublin Bus (€100,000)
  • Bus Priority at Traffic Signals: Deployment of IT systems and hardware to reduce bus delays through traffic signals, using Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Technology (€200,000)
  • Pedestrian Improvements (Kimmage Road Lwr at Mount Argus Park): Construct upgrade to this existing pedestrian crossing including dishing of kerbs, installation of tactile paving and upgrade of push button units (€70,000)
  • Strategic Traffic Study: Finalisation of a collaborative study between NTA and Dublin City Council to review traffic management in the central area of Dublin City, & development of proposals based on agreed priorities for the City over the coming years (€200,000)