Removing Obsolete Laws

Posted December 1st, 2016

MAKING life simpler for citizens and businesses is one of this Government’s core objectives. To this end, on Tuesday I commended to the Dáil the second stage of a measure which will remove hundreds of outdated and obsolete laws from our statute book.

The Statute Law Revision Bill, which has cross-party support, will repeal 301 laws passed between 1922 and 1950. Examples include emergency legislation allowing for the death penalty during the Civil War and dealing with matters such as the League of Nations and the Eucharistic Congress.

As I told TDs: “This Bill is a rather technical piece of legislation, but an important and necessary one. It will clear away the redundant and obsolete acts clogging up our statute book and it will have benefits, including a modern and streamlined statute book, which is more accessible to citizens and businesses as they go about their business in their daily lives.”

Read my speech to the Dáil here

And, watch it here (22 minutes in).