Value for the State, fairness for businesses

Posted December 15th, 2016

LAST week, I briefed Oireachtas Members on progress in modernising the process by which the State spends over €12bn on goods, services and works. It is a huge sum and a major contributor to our economy.

Our aim is to ensure not only that the State delivers the services on which citizens depend, but that it spends taxpayers’ money wisely. We are also mindful that many businesses depend on public works, so it is essential that contracts are seen to be awarded in a process that is fair and transparent.

The Office of Government Procurement was set up in 2014 to achieve these objectives. I outlined to legislators some of the initiatives taken, such as Framework Agreements and the use of systematic market analysis prior to tendering. As part of the drive towards greater eGovernment, another area of my Finance portfolio, firms have been encouraged to register on eTenders, the Government’s national tendering platform.

Much has been achieved in terms of ensuring value for money and fair dealings with businesses. Looking to build on this, one of our chief priorities will be to look at including social clauses in contracts, aimed at helping the long-term unemployed back into work and training.

You can see the briefing document Oireachtas Members received here.

You can see a separate press briefing about the legal services framework here.