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Peter McVerry Report

Posted November 7th, 2017

Yesterday I spoke at the launch of the Peter McVerry Trust 2016 Annual Report. You can read my speech below.

The McVerry Trust is one of the leading homeless charities – it does incredibly valuable work, in very challenging circumstances.   And it does it with an energy, and determination, and enthusiasm for implementing solutions that work. Solutions that will genuinely meet not just the needs, but the aspirations, of those they care for. These are not simple problems that the Trust is confronting – homelessness, drug misuse, social disadvantage.

Thank you for doing what you do, and for doing it with such compassion. Thank you Fr Peter for your vision and ambition, which you have doggedly pursued for almost 35 years now.

We are dealing with a crisis in homelessness – a crisis which has a number of different fronts, which must be tackled simultaneously. We will only be successful if we tackle this crisis together – if we see ourselves as part of the solution, working together, collaborating. My Department, you, other similar organisations, the Dublin Regional Homeless Executive, local authorities, the HSE, the Department of Social Protection.

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