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Protecting Water Quality

Posted December 6th, 2017

The Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed and I announced on Monday that Ireland has passed a significant milestone in its negotiations with the EU on a revised Nitrates Action Programme (NAP).

The new NAP emphasises the importance of knowledge transfer to ensure that farmers fully understand how best to protect the natural waters on or close to their lands. This is consistent with the approach to be taken in Ireland’s 2nd River Basin Management Plan (covering the period to 2021) which will be published in Spring 2018 and will focus on a range of key actions including the achievement of long-term behavioural change when it comes to protecting our water environment.

“the decision is recognition by fellow EU Member States that Ireland is maintaining a balanced commitment to ongoing improvements in water quality while continuing to develop its agricultural sector.  This new Programme places a particular emphasis on disrupting pollution pathways in order to prevent agricultural run-off affecting the water environment”.

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