Answering Parliamentary Questions

Posted December 13th, 2017

Last week I answered questions in the Dáil about affordability, you can read my replies below.

We are about to announce an affordability scheme and it is being designed at the moment. I have met with bodies like Ó Cualann which have carried out affordability projects through running co-operative housing with local authorities, so as to see how we can draw up our own affordability scheme criteria.

It is important to acknowledge here that we need to get the criteria right for accessing affordable homes. We are bringing back affordability. It had been stood down as part of social and affordable housing and we are now bringing it back. The most important thing is that the houses get built, and when they are built we will then have a scheme in place for every local authority to access.

The allocation of €25 million announced in the budget is for 2018 and 2019 and will deliver at least 650 affordable homes using local authority sites. That is but the minimum of what we expect to deliver from that €25 million. I ask the Deputy to look at the Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund, LIHAF, funding to date. Of the €200 million allocated under LIHAF 1, 30% of the sites involved will include affordability schemes that can be accessed under the new affordability criteria scheme when it is announced.

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