Once-off Planning in Rural Ireland

Posted February 8th, 2018

This morning in the Seanad we spoke about rural living and how we will approach relevant planning issues in the National Planning Framework. You can read my speech below.

I thank Senator Lombard for giving me the opportunity to outline the current position regarding the impact of the Flemish decree case on one-off housing in rural areas, and to provide an update on the revision of the 2005 planning guidelines on sustainable rural housing issued under section 28 of the Planning Act and also to clarify some misconceptions regarding rural policies on the issue contained in the national planning framework.

Under the 2005 guidelines planning authorities are required to frame the planning policies in their development plans in a balanced and measured way that ensures the housing needs of rural communities are met, while avoiding excessive urban-generated housing and haphazard development, particularly in those areas near cities and towns that are under pressure from urban generated development.

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You can  watch a video of the proceedings here (part 1) and here (part 2).