Affordable Housing

Posted March 29th, 2018

Today in the Dáil we spoke about affordable housing. You can read my comments below.

At the outset, I wish to address the February homeless figures that I published yesterday. This latest report repeats what we saw in January and would seem to indicate a worrying trend since the beginning of the year in relation to the number of families presenting to our homeless services.

However, I want to reassure the House that we are putting a huge amount of time and resources into helping people in homelessness, every single day and night of the week.

These efforts are having an effect:

  • -the number of single adults in homelessness did fall last month, by 84;
  • -the number of rough sleepers is dramatically down – 50% on last year. People would have seen the huge efforts made around Storm Emma;
  • -in January and February almost 300 families have been prevented from entering emergency accommodation or have exited it.
  • -of the more than 100 families that presented in Dublin in February, only 20 were accommodated in hotels. During 2017, more than 2000 families left hotels into sustainable tenancies, the majority into homes.
  • -last year more than 4,700 adults exited homelessness.


So a huge amount is happening and it’s thanks to our partner organisations whom we fund through tax payers’ money – people like Peter McVerry Trust, Simon and Focus Ireland, working with our own teams.

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