Register to Vote

Posted April 12th, 2018

Are you registered to vote in the upcoming referendum? The deadline for registration is the 8th of May.

Check if you are already registered here. If you cannot find your name on the list, but believe that you are registered, give the franchise section of your local authority a call – for Dublin City Council, the number is 01 222 5010. If you have sent in an application in the last few months, you will not appear on as you will be on the supplementary register, but you will be eligible to vote.

If you are not registered, but would like to be able to vote in the referendum on repealing the 8th amendment on the 25th of May, print out the form here. If you have changed your address, print out the form here. You will need to go to your local Garda station to have your application signed.

The deadline for registration to the Special Voters list or the Postal Voters list is the 28th of April (go here for information on these categories).

If you are a Dublin Bay South constituent; send the form to: Free Post, Franchise Section, Dublin City Council, Block 4, Floor 4, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

For registration in other constituencies, go here.