Solar Compactor Bins

Posted May 18th, 2018

I’m very happy to see the further roll out of the Bigbelly solar compactor bins. This is something I progressed when a Dublin City Councillor (see below).

Essentially the bins can take far more waste because solar panels compact the waste in the bin itself. This means less chance of it overflowing on a busy weekend. But even as it fills a smart chip texts the Council to let it know that it needs emptying. Or the public can do this via QR codes on the bin. Better and smarter for the environment all round.

A contract was recently concluded for the supply of solar compactor bins: 50 bins are in place in the Baggot Street, Sandymount and Temple Bar areas and 100 additional bins are due for delivery.


25 March 2010

I think I might have actually achieved something today.

For months now I have been pushing this idea of a solar compactor bin for Dublin’s city streets (read about it here). Today the Environment Strategic Policy Committee met and the issue was on the agenda for discussion thanks to my motion. It was great to finally get to discuss it, to talk through the merits of this new approach to our litter bins and waste collection services. I think I made some good points but I never really retain what I’m saying when speaking in public.

My colleagues were very supportive, the officials gave a report and were positive about it and we got the result that we came for. A trial scheme is to be implemented this year using the new bins.

Hopefully it’s just the beginning and we will see roll out proper not before too long. It took me 5 months to get here but I have finally gotten a piece of policy, small though it is, adopted.

We do things every day for our constituents in our area, but this is something for the whole City. I’m kind of proud of that. This is kind of what it’s all about, from the very first day on the campaign trail – influencing the direction of the City in what you believe to be a new and positive way…now let’s hope they work!

On a separate note, this evening the 12 members of Fine Gael on the City Council chose our nominees for Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor. The Council will vote and elect both in June and we are almost certain of success. Interesting times ahead once we are in the hot seat.