New Homes for Elderly Special Needs Tenants

Posted July 18th, 2018

Last week I officially opened the latest housing project by Carlow Voluntary Housing Association Ltd (trading as Tinteán), in partnership with Delta Centre in Carlow.

It is a landmark project – the first group home for people with disabilities designed and constructed to Passive House standards.  It has been built on an existing site with an existing special needs home and has been designed to create a shared, private area between the two homes. The house will serve as a home from home for elderly special needs tenants with care provided by Delta Centre.

This Government recognises the serious challenge we face in terms of housing and a critical focus and priority has been firmly placed on responding to this challenge through the development and implementation of the Rebuilding Ireland Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness.

It is critical at this stage to ensure that all the structures already in place are aligned, co-ordinated and co-operating towards a shared vision. This includes the Department, the Housing Agency and the Housing Finance Agency working with local authorities and Approved Housing Bodies across the country.  Local authorities and Approved Housing Bodies working in partnership is a model that the Department encourages, and this scheme here today highlights the real progress on the ground being achieved to address the challenges we face in the housing sector.

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