Banning Microbeads

Posted November 2nd, 2018

Yesterday I published the General Scheme of a Bill to Prohibit Certain Products Containing Plastic Microbeads. It has been approved by Government on the basis of a general scheme.

The Bill will provide for a prohibition of the manufacture, import, export, sale, supply or exposure for sale of certain products containing plastic microbeads, to include “rinse-off” personal care products, detergents, and domestic and industrial abrasive cleaning products and scouring agents.

I am increasingly concerned about the potential risk posed to our aquatic ecosystems by microplastic litter, including plastic microbeads. I know this concern is shared widely, across all parties in the Oireachtas and throughout broader society. While this is an important step, it is only one of many measures we will have to introduce over the coming years to reduce the level of marine litter entering our seas and oceans.

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