Social Housing

Posted November 28th, 2018

On Thursday we debated the approach being taken to building social housing. You can read my comments below.

We talked at the Housing Agency conference about sustainability, specifically sustainability in housing delivery. “Sustainable” is a contested space, a political space. It has many different meanings: economic sustainability, social sustainability, etc. It is not a neutral political term.

The Deputy and I have fundamentally different ideas of a sustainable housing market. He wants a single-source solution involving one source of finance, one source of delivery. I think we need multiple streams to protect us from shocks we have not even considered yet that could come in the future. In the past we relied on a single stream of delivery for social housing and it did not work.

We can all agree that Part V did not work under previous Governments because the Government came to rely too much on it for the delivery of social housing. That delivery did not happen because developers bought out of their responsibility.

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