Our Housing Plan – Facts, Not Commentary

Posted January 25th, 2019

We’re committed to Rebuilding Ireland and in the Independent today I talk about how we are rebuilding our housing sector not like it was before, but in a way that protects our country from the mistakes of the past. You can read the article below.

As Housing Minister, I’ve always been open to people’s criticism. The government doesn’t have all the answers. People are hurting and they need help. As a community, we have to pool our best ideas together and drive them towards solutions to the housing shortage and homeless crisis.

But those ideas have to be based on facts. In a column last week, Ivan Yates claimed that policies to radically increase the output of affordable rental and social houses were not working, and that construction in 2018 had fallen short of government promises. He gave the impression that construction in Dublin was down, and claimed that viability in house building generally is a problem. None of that is accurate.

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