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Seanad Transition Year Debate Competition

Posted September 12th, 2017

As part of the Vótáil100 programme of events, celebrating the 2018 centenary of women gaining the right to vote, the Oireachtas are running a competition that will see transition year students getting a chance to speak in the Seanad Chamber.

The students finally selected will be mentored in public speaking, and participation will give students the opportunity to develop their confidence to present in front of an audience. They are inviting students with an interest in History, English, Irish, & Politics, who want to engage in a lively debate about important social and political issues to apply with a short letter of 300 words or less.

Closing date for entries is Friday 29th September. This is a great opportunity for young people with an interest in politics to get involved and start to discuss their views.

For more info and how to apply, go here.


National Heritage Week

Posted August 22nd, 2017

National Heritage Week is being celebrated all over the country at the moment and will continue on until 27th August. It is being organised by the Heritage Council and includes over 2,000 events.

There are lots of family-friendly things to do and see in the constituency, including nature trails, yoga in City Hall, archaeological excavations and more.

To see the full list of events, go here.

Traffic Alert

Traffic Changes on the Quays

Posted August 17th, 2017

From this Sunday, 20th August 2017, there will be permanent changes made to the traffic system at several points along the Quays in Dublin City Centre. These changes are being introduced now to coincide with the Luas Cross City tram testing and to ensure that these permanent changes have time to bed down before regular day time tram testing starts in September.

There will be no right turn for traffic from Bachelors Walk to O’Connell Bridge, except for buses,taxis and bicycles. There will also be an increase of bus lanes and a reduction of general traffic lanes in multiple locations as well as other adjustments.

To see full details of the changes, go here.


Incinerator to begin Waste-Burning

Posted July 14th, 2017

We have been in touch with Covanta and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to get an update on the operations of the incinerator. Oil burning is taking place at the moment and if tests go as planned, waste-burning will begin over the next few days.

There will likely be periods of activity and shut downs over the coming weeks as further tests are carried out. There should be no extra visible effects from the incinerator as the move from oil-burning to waste-burning occurs. The EPA will have someone on site at this point to ensure that monitoring equipment is functioning properly and temperatures and abatement levels are correct.

Temperature levels are currently online, here. As full operations commence emission levels will be available also.

To see the communication we from Covanta, go here. To see their notice about the commencement, go here.


4 May 2017

Following on from the information we circulated yesterday (below); we received some further details from Covanta and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency):

The EPA has confirmed that they undertook an unannounced site visit on 3rd May and that the testing (steam blowing activity which generated the steam emissions) was completed.  The EPA confirmed that no waste incineration has taken place and only a very limited quantity of waste has been accepted at the facility and remains in the waste bunker.

For more information on this site visit and the report to come, go here.

See some information about the recent ‘steam blows’, provided by Covanta, here.

As mentioned previously – trucks taking waste to the incinerator must use the port tunnel and eastern bypass, not local roads (except for transporting waste produced in this area). If residents notice waste trucks from a wider area using local roads, they should contact the City Council or, failing that, my office.

To see a map of the area mentioned above, go here (the yellow part of map).


3 May 2017

There has been a lot of concern regarding the emanations from the Poolbeg Incinerator over the last few days and I have received many calls and emails from constituents.

Today and yesterday we have been in touch with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Dublin City Council (DCC) and Covanta. Please see below the main information that was provided to us.

– The plumes that were coming from the plant was steam, not smoke. The reason for the very large amount of it at the moment is that the pipes and other equipment are being cleaned prior to full operation of the plant. During normal operations the emissions will not be so great, it will be an odourless vapour and will be coming from the stacks rather than vents in the building. According to Covanta, yesterday was the last day of the ‘steam blows’.

– An EPA inspector is visiting the site today to ensure that what is occurring is safe.

– The EPA have a mobile emissions testing station near the incinerator. They expect it to be fully operational and providing data online at the end of this week.

For more information, including contact details for Covanta, DCC and the EPA, go here.

For a note from the EPA, go here.

We will follow up on the results of today’s site visit and let you know the findings.


31 March 2017

THE Poolbeg incinerator is about to start burning waste and its operation will be monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that the plant meets the conditions of its licence, particularly emissions limits.

All enforcement records, such as site visit reports, will be available at the EPA’s website, here. The operating company, Covanta, is also obliged to put all monitoring data, including emissions reports, online here. If you are unable to resolve any issues with either the company or the EPA, do not hesitate to contact my office.

Trucks taking waste to the incinerator must use the port tunnel and eastern bypass, not local roads (except for transporting waste produced in this area). If residents notice waste trucks from a wider area using local roads, they should contact the City Council or, failing that, my office.

For more details, go here.

Thank You Fund Winners 2016

Grants Available for Community Groups

Posted June 29th, 2017

The Coca-Cola Thank You Fund awards funding to non-profit and community groups  every year. If you know a person or a group locally that might be suitable please let them know.

In 2017, the fund will award grants totaling €100,000. This year the focus is on one overall theme – ‘Working with communities to inspire and support young people.’ Applications will be accepted until the 14th July.

Within this theme, the Fund is seeking applications which fall under one or more of the following three categories:

  • Bridging the divide between education and the workplace
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion among young people
  • Empowering young people to become the leaders of the future


For more information and details on how to apply, go here.


New Speed Limit in Sandymount

Posted May 26th, 2017

From next Wednesday, 31st May, a new speed limit of 30 Km/h will be in effect in Sandymount. Dublin City Council introduced this limit between the canals in April and is extending it in urban areas and estates.

The 30 Km/h areas will be bounded by the following arterial roads;

Shelbourne Road / Merrion Road
Strand Road / Beach Road
Bath Ave / Londonbridge RoadThe

Speed on the arterial roads will not be reduced at this time.

For full information, go here.


Harold’s Cross Festival 2017

Posted May 10th, 2017

This week Harold’s Cross is hosting its eighth annual community festival.

There will be activities of all sorts: music; magic; history tours; zip lines; yoga; dog shows; sports; and balloons, there is bound to be something to entertain you!

If you have some free time, why not get invovled in organising the events, volunteers are needed.

Check out the full schedule here.


Great news on local schools

Posted May 5th, 2017

For parents in the Dublin Bay South constituency, the issue of school places for local children is of paramount importance and one that I will continue to prioritise as your local TD.

As such, I wholeheartedly welcome the confirmation by my colleague Richard Bruton that an offer has been made to buy the site of the former greyhound stadium at Harold’s Cross and that this has been accepted by Bord na gCon.

While the purchase has to go through the standard approval process, the Department of Education and Skills has made clear that its intention is to use the site to provide additional schools infrastructure for south Dublin city.

This is terrific news for local families. We now need to further increase the range of schooling options available to parents by enhancing diversity – such as Educate Together schools, for instance –  liberalising and secularising admissions policies and guaranteeing places for the children of past pupils.

You can read Minister Bruton’s statement here.

Listen to my explanation of why we need a fairer admissions policy here (44 minutes in).


Educate Together have been awarded patronage of a new primary school which will serve Dublin 2,4 & 6. It will open in September 2018.

The location of the new school is not yet known, this will be agreed upon by the Department of Education and Educate Together. It is possible that it will be located on the site of the old Garda Station at Harcourt Terrace.

For more information on the Harcourt Terrace site, go here.

For parents interested in enrolling thier children; there will be a form to register your interest on their site in the next 7 days, here, or you can email info@educatetogether.ie to be notified once the form is available.

To see Minister Bruton’s press release on this announcement, go here.


29 November 2016

The Minister for Education, Richard Bruton, has called for school bodies to apply for patronage of a new primary school to open in 2018 which will serve Dublin 2, 4 & 6.

For more information on schools for the area go here.

To see the full statement from the Department of Education, go here.

enrolment 2

The new Educate Together Secondary School for the area will be opening online enrolments, for entry into First Year for the year 2018/2019,  next Monday 8th May 2017.

The location still TBC, but there is an expectation that it will be in the Sandymount area.

You will be able to sign up via Educate Together’s website, here.

For more information on this school, see my previous posts below.


3 November 2016

Educate Together has been awarded patronage for the new post primary school that was announced for the area last year, serving Dublin 2, 4, 6 and 8.

The school is due to open in 2018. It is likely to be in temporary accommodation to begin with before moving to a permanent site, to be discussed and decided upon by Educate Together and the Department of Education.

The school will cater for up to 1,000 students once complete, but will only take in first years initially.

In the next few days Educate Together will open applications on their website here. If you previously expressed interest in this school, they will be in touch with you shortly.

To see a press release about the announcement of this school, and other schools nationally,  go here.

For news on a potential new campus for a primary and a secondary school in the area go here.


12 May 2016

Educate Together will be applying for a new secondary school in South Dublin for 2018. The exact location of the school is not yet known. This was announced as part of a major school building programme last year; go here for full details of the programme.

If you would like to express your interest in placing your child in this school, or if you would like to help with the campaign, please go here.

For five years I have been pushing for new schools for the area, and for a Schools Admissions Bill. We still need more schools but I am very happy to see progress being made.

A new primary school will open in Harcourt Terrace (see here) and Shellybanks has opened in Dublin 4, for which a permanent location is currently being sought. Planning permission at Haddington Road has been applied for, 8 new classrooms are being added to St Mary’s in Donnybrook and a special school in Rathgar will be built. There are currently no plans for a new school in Milltown and Terenure but I will continue to work towards this.

To find out about my work on the Schools Admissions Bill go here.


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