Fine Gael


A New Team, a New Way Forward

I believe that it is time for a strong, single party government in Ireland, with a young dynamic team, and with actual and different policies and attitudes to public service than what has come before. A genuine alternative.

I believe this is the only way we can move forward confidently and competently. And I believe that Fine Gael is the only team in the country that is ready and able to meet head on the challenges and opportunities before us.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, believe it for yourself. Log on to and take a look at some of our policies for the future of this country, from New Era to New Politics to Fair Care.

There is great potential in the current crisis, with many wrongs to put right. I’m asking you to support Fine Gael and to join the movement for a new way in politics and a new way in Irish life.

The Fine Gael website is here

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    . @yfg @UCD_YFG @MurphyEoghan he also joined the fencing society. Prep work for GE16
    about 9 hours ago
    We need to review because things are changing.Possibility of peacekeepers needed on European border.Russia cud veto @dsmooney @AnMailleach
    about 14 hours ago